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Hog Island Boat Works
Thank you Hog Island for Lu-Lu's Green Pig!   Your river-ready Hog has blown my mind; it's draftability is incredible at almost four-inches, I feel like I make 60% less oar strokes than any of the fiberglass competitors, and it is the most durable, quiet, and comfortable cadillac on the market.  Thank you for making the best drift boat available! 

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For me, these are probably some of the best watches made.  They take abuse, and keep accurate information.  Mine has: Altimeter, Barometer, ski chair feature, can dive with it, stores data, has a timer and all the other bells and whistles that other digital watches have. Thanks HighGear!

I highly recommend their Altiware watch, great gift and keeps on ticking. www.highgear.com

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Buff - Stay protected and cool with 95% UV protection. Tons of fishy styles, and an incredibly versatile product, if you aren't wearing a Buff, your not in the zone. Thanks Buff!

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