Fly Fishing Helpful Links

NOAA - The best real time weather site on the internet

USGS - Check the water flows around the state or country

Colorado Department of Wildlife - check regulations statewide

Trout Unlimited

Fly Fishing Guide Books and Maps by Michael Shook

How to tie a few of the basic Knots

The mighty cast and videos that teach the cast (I like Lefty)

Fishing with RA

Roaring Fork Conservancy

Recycled Fish - We Are Stewards.

Drake Magazine

Copi Vojta Photography

Garrett Mynatt Photography - My body of work consists of images that are taken among friends and strangers some recognizing my camera and reacting while others are oblivious to its presence.  Some people act the same and disregard the camera while others hesitate, creating a situation that breaks the space.

Local Fishing Reports

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BarZX Rainbow -hehehe just kidding JP we all know it's a carp or roughfish to some
Doc Limbo with a Gunnison River Brown
Fish On!Salmon Fly in the boat
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