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map of peruWhether seeking Machu Picchu, or travel down the Amazon, Peru's twenty-eight diverse climatic zones, offer a wide variety of adventures, cultures, and customs to experience. From the Amazon Basin to the epic Andes mountains, that boast thirty-seven peaks over 20,000 feet! To the north, and one can experience beautiful beaches with great Peru Surfing. The Andes Mountains that drain into the valleys offer outstanding white water. But these are only the beginning.

Culturally there is much to understand about the Peruvian people. Pre-Inca civilizations, historical ruins, Inca trails and Inca cultures, are just the tip of the mountain. This section of the web site is dedicated to giving you and idea of some of the things that Peru can offer you on your trip and to help you plan your adventure. We have planned and arranged trips for over twenty years, here are what some other happy travelers have to say about working with us:

What we provide on our hosted trips are NOT a quick ten-day or fourteen day excursion, that slam you through the country, but rather, a more in-depth experience at the pace of Peruvians...tranquilo man...

Some of these things might include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • Machu Picchu
  • Guided tours to Ruins and cultural experiences around Cusco - Sagsayhuaman, The Sacred Valley, treks around ausangate and salkantay
  • Lake Titicaca and its' five islands
  • Treks to Hot Springs
  • Mountain Biking around Cusco, the valleys, ruins etc.
  • Rafting, Apurimac, tons more, especially if you are a Kayaker
  • The Bad ass Andes Mountains - Cusco, Huancayo, Juarez, Salkantay, Ausangate, Chicon, and many more
  • Climbing; Peru has thirty seven peaks over 6000m / 20,000ft
  • Jungle Trips- Puerto Maldonado, Manu, Iquitos - Bird watching, wildlife viewing, fishing, Shaman experiences, native submerssion
  • A locals view to Cusco - skate parks, ruins on all sides, go to some large outdoor markets, local music and performances
  • Arequipa - Colca Canyon
  • Huarez - ski, ice climb, trek
  • Pisco/Nazca lines

It is really simple, we can arrange as little or as much of your trip as you like, or we can host you - (prepare everything and show you around). Start with us by checking out the site and having an idea of what you want to do, and then email Jason or use our handy Contact Us form.

There are hundreds of travel agencies out there that can get you through Machu Picchu in four days, and the like with other tours. While we have planned excursions like this, it is not our specialty, nor our recommendation. Our first piece of advice: TAKE MORE TIME OFF!

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