Jungle Magic in Peru

The jungle is just across the riverImmense, every changing, and providing the world’s oxygen.  Bigger and more expansive than imaginable.  Hard to put into words.  Plants, animals, fish, that have not been identified, categorized, discovered or understood.  Equal climate allowing for the growth of everything.  A petry dish of discovery.  Trying to explain the headwaters and the Peruvain Amazon region is complex.  It is an ever changing and evolving area, where evolution is happening right in-front of your eyes.




During our explorations of the jungle we have discovered much.  Here are some of the jungles that we have visited:
Paucartambo - see our Archived Adventure
Puerto Maldonado
Manu, Boca Manu – see our Archived Adventure
Iquitos to Brazil along the Amazon - see our Archived Adventure
A journey up river from Iquitos- see our Archived Adventure
Rio Madre de Dios
Rio Amazon
Rio Apurimac
So many more – Lakes and tribs that I can’t recall

After having spent more than eight trips to the jungle, I have experienced these quick tid-bits:  Never got yellow fever, malaria, or any problems from bug bites, although had many bug bites and I found Vicks Vapor Rub to take the sting and itching from the bug bites.  We did have all of our inoculations before going.  Never have slept harder at night than the nights I’ve spent in the jungle.  Pirahna tastes great. 

Didn’t believe pink dolphins existed until I swam with them.  Swam with Pirahnas and was never bitten.  Fished for Pirahna’s and was bitten twice.  Saw the biggest anaconda of my life in a lake, that surfaced for air and barely broke the water of an area about a half-inch, it’s head circumference was over twenty-four inches.  Photographed the black cotinga, said to be one of the rarest and hardest birds in the world to photograph. 

Didn’t sleep at night once, because howler monkeys were so loud.  Saw a pet spider monkey eat a tarantula like it was a cracker.  Saw a four-hundred-pound plus catfish pulled out of a tributary river that took almost twenty people to handle in a net.  Ate crocidile tail, it was prepared too salty.  Different natural honey’s from trees that made us halucinate a bit.  Got hit with a tree nut from a monkey. 

Never have seen a jaguar in the jungle, but have heard one.  Lots of frogs, toads, but not many snakes, except a fur-de-lance that was caught in a tree.  Birds, and birds and birds, macaws and so much more.  Jungle women are beautiful and my wife agrees.  The heat combined with the humidity is a great feeling. 

Canoes that feel like they can tip at any second and only sit inches off the water.  Fish that have only native names.  So much more and tons of stories.   Email us here with questions or to chat, or for recommendations:  [email protected]   Click here to see our next Hosted Jungle Trip.   Visit our Blog to get a conversation going.

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