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map of peruHiking and treking in Peru not only offer some of the most physically enduring treks, but also a feeling of discovery as you stumble upon ruins, some incan some pre-incan, in just about every direction you can think of.  To Gringos, it’s like single track trails up mountains around cliffs and all over.  To me there is nothing easier and more fulfilling than treks around the Andes.

Here are some we have done: 

Cusco – in every direction, recently have found wonderfully close treks from the city, many ruins are still being discovered and restored!
Sacred Valley – in every direction
Ollyantitambo -
Apurimac River and surrounding areas from
Huancayo – east toward huayatapallana
Jauja – Incredible fields of farms
Arequipa – Colca Canyon and beyond
Lares – End with Hot Springs
Quorylliti – Offer your penitence
Huarez – probably one of the most noted areas to climb in the country.
Pisac - and Beyond, hot springs, but not super hot.
Lake Titicaca and all five islands
Inca trail from Kilometer 88
Salcantay Trek
Ausangate Trek

Most of these treks can be viewed in our, “Adventures Archive

Obviously in a country filled with Andes Mountains and loads of peaks between seventeen and twenty thousand feet, there is so much to see.  We are the type that likes to be alone with a guide, or just alone hiking.  In the beginning, we used companies, now we just call friends who are guides or know about a certain areas better than others.  The simplicity of day treks makes it an easy trip to facilitate.  The overnight trips are easy too, but the gear logisitics make planning essential.  If you are over sixteen thousand feet in a tent, plan on sleepless nights, freezing temps, and eating unique to survive.  There aren’t too many forrested areas….the geography is mostly high tundra…therefor building a fire and staying warm are the biggest challenges.  Email us if we can answer any questions:  [email protected] and [email protected]


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