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JP & NomiHello, and thanks for visiting my site.  My name is Jason Phillips, and I am the owner and founder of Globetrotteradventures.com.  I actually started blogging in 2000, before blogging was even out there.  I would post stories, or features on my web site.  My vision was to write an on-line guidebook, where people could find: real, solid, quality information; on who to talk to, what guide company to work with, maps to use,,,, so that  anyone could go out, and experience the same adventures I was doing.   I also included pictures, maps, good information, and loved what I was doing with it…AND Then….MY LIFE changed…I am now, happily married with two kids (and a few more grey hairs).  My wife, a peruvian babe, has been a travel guide in Peru since the 80′s, we now put together trips to Peru and host adventure trips….you won’t find anyone better to work with than us….just check the sites……I still travel and do adventure travel, host trips to fly-fish in salt water excursions, and specialize in hosted Peruvian Adventure Travel.   I became a professional fly fisherman in 2003 in the Roaring Fork Valley and love it.  I have found many of my clients to be world adventure travelers, as it relates to fly fishing.   Check out the updates with the fly-fishing posts.   I still have the love for adventure travel, and hope to bring more fresh, “adventures”  to you as time allows me.

It has been Twelve years since I started the web-site, and it has now had it’s sixth face lift, brand-new and sexier than ever… AND ALL of my guidebook information:  83 adventures from 30 different world locations is coming to you there, FREE, in the archives:  Adventures ArchiveJP & Kids with a pike

Now, there are a ton of travelers out there that have been and done more then I have, and I pretend to be in no way some arrogant, “know it all”, about everything.  The guidebook companies, and the internet has really allowed everyone to share information.  I just want to pass on my love of adventure travel to you and I look forward to chatting with everyone about it.

It goes without saying, that because my, “adventures”, (some of the older ones) are out dated…some information might have changed or be incorrect.  That’s also where you come in to help me, and help other visitors/travelers have the sweet information, add a post, let’s start a chat and we can keep it all resourceful and useful for everyone.

Well…., without further delay, I hope you enjoy!

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