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BarZX BowThere is so much to be said about the sport of Fly Fishing, authors have spent years writing books dedicated to a small specific area of the sport, guides have spent years teaching and explaining techniques, and anglers have dedicated life times to angling, and yet there are still unique unlearned experiences we all encounter.

When asked to simplify the sport, I explain, it is all visual, and keen observation is the feeding line to success. When I was eight, my brother showed me a pair of polarized sunglasses, the old Vuarnet's,… yes ski sunglasses!!!

WOW did that moment change me forever, I suddenly went from a sullen impatient junior, to an awestruck, jaw dropping, mesmorized fisherman. From that moment on, I learned how I could get close to fish, watch them, observe them, without spooking them.

Patience, and how one measures success, play a big part of your successes as a fisherperson. Lose concentration or focus for more than half a second, and you are lost. Allow me to show you, come to the healer, and be healed!

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barZX rainbow
barZX Bow
barZX Bow
JP with a Monster rainbow
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